How JobAdder Brought Seamless Document Workflows to Their Users

How JobAdder Brought Seamless Document Workflows to Their Users
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JobAdder is a global recruitment platform headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 2007 by Brett Iredale (also the founder of NowHiring), JobAdder’s mission from the get-go has been to simplify recruitment. 

Years of hard work came to fruition in JobAdder’s pièce de résistance – a cloud-based software that streamlines the recruitment process from end-to-end for both agency and in-house recruitment professionals. 

With a diverse suite of integrations, JobAdder’s software unites disparate recruiting tasks (like searching careers websites, completing online timesheets, and electric signing for documents) under the umbrella of an easy to manage dashboard. 

Recruiters use JobAdder to streamline their recruitment  workflow and excel in their field.

HelloSign for JobAdder

The task of printing, faxing, and scanning important documents has long been a necessary evil in every corner of business. For recruiters – who juggle a steady stream of recruiting documents – the pain of inefficient paperwork flows has  been particularly deep. 

JobAdder knew an online document management solution would be critical for recruiters using their platform. They wanted to provide their users with an effortless way to format, fill out, send, and sign recruiting paperwork right from their JobAdder dashboard. 

JobAdder's Product Manager Erin Chmelik shared: 

“We are always looking for new ways to streamline the recruiter’s workflow and cut out time-consuming, manual tasks. Lack of time lag when turning documents around that need to be signed by multiple parties is particularly important for recruiters.”  

So began JobAdder’s hunt for an electronic signature solution that could bring an easy-to-use and effective online signing solution to their users. They found the perfect fit in the HelloSign API

Using the API, JobAdder was able to integrate legally binding electronic signing, as well as embed powerful document management and document creation flows into the JobAdder dashboard, bringing seamless online signing to their customers.

What the HelloSign for JobAdder Integration Looks Like

The HelloSign for JobAdder integration incorporates HelloSign’s “Embedded Templates” feature. This empowers users of the JobAdder platform to create, format, and store document templates for re-use. The embedded nature of this feature also ensures that users of JobAdder never need to away navigate from the platform in order to complete the task of creating their template.

Here’s a closer peek at what it looks like:

The recruiter first enables the HelloSign integration in their JobAdder account. After activation, they can access the HelloSign integration from their integrations dashboard. 

Once the HelloSign integration is selected, an iFrame pops up giving recruiters the option to create a new template or to edit a template previously saved to their dashboard.

Recruiters who choose to create a new template are asked to upload the document and then prompted to complete a series of simple steps to format the document.

These steps include choosing who will need to fill out information in the document (such as Recruiter, Candidate, etc), and formatting the document with fields that need to be filled out by each role (such as Candidate.FirstName, Contact.JobTitle, Company.Name, etc).

Once the template is created, it’s saved and stored in the user’s JobAdder dashboard.

To put their saved template to work, recruiters simply navigate to a candidate’s profile and select the saved template they’d like to send for signature. The document can then be filled out manually online or – ideally – automatically if the information needed is stored in their candidate’s profile.

The autofill capability is particularly appealing to recruiters who wish to reduce the amount of manual entry traditionally needed for recruitment documentation. Document fields eligible for autofill include: CurrentDate, CandidateAddress, Candidate.Base.Salary, and many more. 

With a few easy clicks, the recruiters can send pre-filled documents to candidates, without the hassle of redundant formatting. Recruiters are able to collect up to 20 signatures for each document.

Results of the Integration

By harnessing the power of online signing in the JobAdder platform, recruiters are able to easily prepare and sign documents online, such as employee contracts, offer letters, contracts of assignment, and onboarding documentation. 

The integration has drastically increased the efficiency of recruiters while also reducing the wait time of all parties required to sign a contract. Recruiters are thus able to do their job more effectively and speed up the entire hiring process, a benefit that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by companies as they scale and grow. 

The integration also introduced an additional benefit to the JobAdder team itself: “Our office is completely devoid of what we call “old-school hardware” such as scanners, fax machines and printers, so HelloSign is a perfect tool to help us streamline all our activities!” The JobAdder team is able to enjoy paperless workflows in their office, even as they’re providing paperless workflows to their users.

What’s Next for JobAdder?

The company has experienced rapid growth and expansion since their launch nearly a decade ago. They now provide software to over 1,500 companies in more than 45 countries around the world. 

“We release new product updates and new features every month, so on top of that we will continue to grow and improve our awesome product as we always are! We’re committed to bringing new features, updates, improvements, and innovation to our product that help recruiters and HR managers excel.” 

In upholding their mission to create a global recruitment solution, JobAdder plans to continue its expansion in key international regions throughout Asia, EMEA and the Americas.


To learn more about JobAdder, visit their website here. You can learn even more about JobAdder’s other integrations by visiting their integrations page. 

If you're interested in how you might embed a seamless document flow into your application or workflow, visit our homepage. For recruiters interested in learning how electronic signing can speed up the recruiting cycle, download our free guide: “How Recruiters Use eSignatures to Hire Faster.”    

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