Using HelloSign eSignatures with Google Apps

外观全新但功能同样出色的产品!HelloSign 现为 Dropbox Sign。

If you’re a Google Apps company, you’ll want to check out our latest HelloSign Google integration: the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on. The HelloSign add-on lets you sign whatever Google Doc you’re working on, right inside Google Docs. You can request signatures from others using the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on as well.

HelloSign for Google Docs is our fourth HelloSign integration with Google. Other HelloSign Google integrations include the HelloSign Google App, HelloSign for Gmail, and the HelloSign Google Drive integration. With four different Google integrations, HelloSign is the easiest way for Google Apps users to electronically sign documents.

1. HelloSign for Google Docs Add-on

To get started, get the HelloSign for Google Docs add-on from the add-on store. Now, anytime you need to sign or request a signature on a Google Doc, just open the Doc, click Add-ons>Hellosign. HelloSign will appear in the sidebar to the right.

Click “Just Me” if you’re the only person signing the doc, draw your signature with your mouse, and then drag it wherever it needs to go. Next, enter the email of the person you’d like to send it to.

If you need other people to sign the document, you can select “Me and Others” or “Just Others,” and enter the names of email addresses of the signers. Then, place signature or text boxes wherever the recipients need to fill out and sign, then send it off.

2. HelloSign Google App

If you want to setup your organization with HelloSign, simply install the HelloSign Google App from the Google Apps Marketplace. The HelloSign Google App automatically creates an account for everyone with your Google Apps domain, and puts them all together on your team. This is especially useful if you have a large team - you won’t need to add team members one by one or ask them to set up their accounts on their own. It just takes a single click.

3. HelloSign for Gmail

HelloSign for Gmail, available in the Chrome Web Store, is an extension you can install that adds a “Sign” button to every attachment you receive via e-mail.

When you click the sign button, the attachment opens up inside of our HelloSign editor, and you can add a signature, date, initials, check boxes, or text, anywhere you want on the document. When you finish, the filled out and signed document will be attached to a brand new e-mail, ready for you to send wherever it needs to go.

4. HelloSign Google Drive Integration


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