HelloSign for Salesforce has a Fresh New Look

外观全新但功能同样出色的产品!HelloSign 现为 Dropbox Sign。

HelloSign for Salesforce is rolling out a brand new version that includes a user experience that is Lightning first and lighting fast ;-). This new version is particularly exciting for two reasons:

1. Users get a superior experience when requesting documents for electronic signature

Three screens demonstrating the HelloSign for Salesforce app

2. Our low-code lightning tools allow your business to adapt your signing workflows based on evolving business criteria

HelloSign for Salesforce application window with a 4 start rating in Salesforce appexchange

Here are a few of the exciting features in our newest release now available on the Salesforce AppExchange:

  • New Signature Request Flow: When sending a one-time document request, users are now guided through the process making sure sending a signature request is as easy and straightforward as possible.
  • New Template Builder: Creating a template has never been easier. HelloSign breaks down the steps and walks you through the template creation process. It’s a better experience and you won’t accidentally skip any part of the set up process.
  • Smart Templates: Automate a template to be sent by your users, making it faster and easier for them. What typically required custom development can now be done with Salesforce formulas or process builder. Use a Salesforce formula field to determine what template to use when sending a signature request.
  • Universal Files: Use any third party application such as a document generation solution to complement your eSigning flow. HelloSign can dynamically find the right file from the other solution and use it when making a signature request for a streamlined flow.

Ready to give HelloSign for Salesforce a test? We have a 30-day free trial available that you can sign up for after installing the product from AppExchange, or, contact our Sales team to get set up.

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