HelloSign's 2016 API Improvements

HelloSign's 2016 API Improvements
外观全新但功能同样出色的产品!HelloSign 现为 Dropbox Sign。

On every wall of our HelloSign office, there hangs a list of our nine core company values. These include things like extreme ownership, transparency, and

While every value is important to our team, one we hold in particularly high esteem is “constant improvement.” Over the last 6 months we’ve taken constant improvement to heart as we made our HelloSign API more empathetic to developers and more customizable for the companies who wish to embed the eSignature experience into their app or website. 

The result has been a suite of new updates for API users, present and future. 

Check them out below!

Improvements to the Developer’s Experience

  • Easier coordinate system for specifying fields positions. Field positions in the form_fields_per_document parameter can now be specified relative to the page. The new coordinate system also takes advantage of the more standard 72 dpi grid.
  • Auto-generated email to developers for API errors. Clearer error handling for developers so they can address API-related errors much faster.
  • Search query parameters added to list endpoints. Using the /list endpoints, developers can now access the same search functionality in our API as our UI, and have added advanced search capabilities.
  • Improvements to the API 面板. API developers can now debug their integrations. Developers can see what calls have been made, errors and responses, and callback information for events. This speeds up the development time. Before purchasing an API plan, developers can make test calls and debug the calls in the dashboard.
  • Unlimited templates for testing. Developers are no longer limited in creating templates when testing their integrations. These templates are locked, can only be used in test mode, and can be unlocked when an API plan is purchased.

Improvements to the Requester’s Experience

  • Premium branding for embedded and non-embedded signature requests. Signers have a much better user experience as the signer page can now be completely customized to resemble any organization’s look-and-feel. The HelloSign API is the only eSignature API that allows customers to completely premium brand the signer page.
  • Rate limit increase. The API request limit per hour has been increased so that those with uneven signature request volume could send more in a short period of time.
  • Data validation. Specific rules can now be set to each text field in documents. This prevents signer typos and increases the accuracy of the information collected.

Improvements to the Signer’s Experience

  • Brand URL and custom redirect. Signers can now be redirected to a custom website after signing a document, giving you more flexibility and control over their experience.
  • Editable merge fields. Signers are now able to edit pre-populated data. Data is specified by the requester.
  • Added language support for signer page. Added translation support to the signer page for more flexibility for international documents.
  • No more rasterization. The file size of documents that have been set up for signature have been dramatically reduced. PDF files now have much better clarity and all documents are now searchable for any specified text or phrase.

More improvements to come!

You can look forward to even more updates and improvements in the coming months. If you'd like to learn more about our the HelloSign API,



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