How to Use the HelloSign Dropbox Extension

How to Use the HelloSign for Dropbox Extension
外观全新但功能同样出色的产品!HelloSign 现为 Dropbox Sign。

Have you ever needed to get a signature on a file and just wanted to quickly do it from Dropbox without any extra steps? Now you can use the HelloSign Dropbox Extension to do exactly that! 

This blog post will show you how to prepare your Dropbox documents and sign or send them for signature using this extension.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the HelloSign Extension for Dropbox

Step 1. Sign into Your Dropbox account

With this extension, the document signing process is initiated directly from your Dropbox account. Log into your Dropbox account and locate the file you’d like to sign or get signed. The HelloSign extension currently supports .PDF, .DOC, and .DOCX file types.

Step 2. Select “Open with” and choose “HelloSign” from the dropdown menu

By selecting the HelloSign extension in Dropbox to open a Dropbox file, you'll be able to access the functionality of HelloSign to complete a signature workflow.

Screenshot showing a Dropbox window with option to open a PDF with HelloSign

Step 3. Sign into your existing HelloSign account or create a new account

After opening your document with HelloSign, you’ll be directed to a login page. Use your HelloSign credentials to sign in to your existing HelloSign account or easily create a new account using an email address or Google login. Note: If it's your first time using the extension you'll also be asked to connect HelloSign to your Dropbox account.

For new HelloSign users who  activate this extension, you’ll automatically receive a three month free trial of our Pro Plan. HelloSign Pro gives you access to unlimited documents, 1 template, data validation, and more.

Screenshot of HelloSign signup experience for Dropbox 3 month pro plan

Note: If you’re a new user you’ll need to verify your email and set a password. It’s easy!

Step 4. Use HelloSign to prepare your document

Now it’s time to begin preparing your documents. If you’re new to HelloSign, learn how to use HelloSign to format, sign, and send documents here.

Prepare your document after HelloSign account creation screenshot

Step 5. Send your document for signature

Once prepared, the document is ready for signature. After sending the document out, you have the option to view the status of the document or go right back to Dropbox.

Screenshot of document sent success message in HelloSign, with option to go back to Dropbox

Step 6. You’re done!

If you select “Return to Dropbox”, you’ll be dropped exactly where you started in Dropbox.


Pretty easy right? We hope you enjoy this option for making online signing as seamless as possible. To learn more about how this extension came to be check out our announcement blog post.

Happy signing!

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