Does Your eSignature Solution Have Everything You Need?

Does Your eSignature Solution Have Everything You Need?
外观全新但功能同样出色的产品!HelloSign 现为 Dropbox Sign。

If your company is already using eSignatures, then you’re well aware of how it can simplify a ton of processes involved in dealing with documents.

But are you getting everything you can from your platform of choice? 

You may not fully realize just how far document technology has come due to your provider not yet having what’s available. We’re here to tell you that the current capabilities go well beyond the simple sign, send, and scan functionality to which many of us have grown accustomed.

Let’s dig a little deeper with the eSignature tech of today and see what you can achieve with this simple, yet powerful digital solution.

It Should Be More Than an eSignature

Of course, if you’ve used eSignature for any amount of time you’re already aware of the primary benefits: signing legally, saving time, simplifying the paper handling process, and securing some of your company’s most important data. 

But that’s only scratching the surface

Depending on your specific software provider (and hopefully it's HelloSign!), there are a number of other advantages to deploying an eSignature platform across your brand.

Let’s start with one aspect of eSignature technology that truly aims to not only protect your brand, but also to enhance it: white labeling.

Does it Have White Labeling to Make the Signing Flow Your Own?

HelloSign with white labeling feature screenshot

In late 2014, professional service firm Deloitte put out a report on Reputation Risk and a few of the numbers were eye-opening.

The report noted that a whopping 87% of the executives they surveyed claim reputation risk was a more vital concern than any other strategic risk. Another 60% declared that one of their top priorities was to protect their brand and overall reputation.

Interesting numbers to say the least. But how does eSignature help alleviate these concerns?

One way is through white labeling the signature flow.

Think about your current eSignature product. Who’s brand sits atop your digital documents? Is it yours? Or does it belong to your provider? If it's the latter, then that translates into your firm allowing the moniker of a third party vendor to take its place of its own. We’re not suggesting anything nefarious with this arrangement. The vendor, for their part, merely want others to recognize who’s tech is running the show.

But if you’re ready for a fully seamless experience, then it’s time to take steps towards accomplishing that with white labeling. HelloSign has that.

No doubt, you’re protective of your brand and ensure that your audience knows and trusts with whom they are working. Make sure you exercise that control and consistency over every aspect of your digitally papered operations.

Does it Offer Templates to Cut Down on Redundant Formatting?

HelloSign using templates feature screenshot

Beyond protecting the brand, improving productivity is high on almost every company’s to-do list. We imagine your goals are very similar.

eSignature, by its very nature, helps bring organization to what once was a cumbersome undertaking: document management. What if you were to take that coordination one step further? Consider then templates

No doubt, your company has a number of forms that require completion. A sampling might include:

When you list out all of the possibilities, it's often quite a few more than you initially thought. As important as these are to your business, they ultimately add up to being pretty generic and repeatable pieces of paper.

Now imagine if all of the those vital but repetitive docs were streamlined using templates. You'd be able to cut down on the prep time of these documents and really take advantage of streamlining and automating your document workflows.

Here’s how templates work:

  1. Upload one of those redundant forms
  2. Format it as a reusable template
  3. Assign specific signature roles
  4. Tweak the formatting to include data validation fields and error messages if completed incorrectly
  5. Share it with others who require access to the form or have the need to use it

True template creation and management is a real game-changer, and may well revolutionize more than just one of your workflows. Here's as step-by-step tutorial on how to take advantage of HelloSign's templates. 

Does it Have Integrations That Enable You To Send Signature Requests & Sign in Applications You Use Most?

Part of the advantage with any digital product is the opportunity to stretch your firm's capabilities across multiple platforms. Integrations help improve workflows and makes processes smarter while at the same time making our lives easier. The same can be said when using integrations through your eSignature platform. And if you’re not using them, you are definitely missing out on one of the great attributes of eSignature.

For example, how great would it be to execute a document directly from your inbox? No physical printing, no physical scanning, no physical signing. Sounds great, right? Luckily there's already a solution for that (check out the HelloSign for Gmail integration). Other Google applications that integrate with eSignature include Google Docs and Google Drive.

HelloSign using the Gmail integration screenshot

But it’s not just Google.

A bevy of other applications integrates with eSignature technology to make document execution between platforms seamless. These include services that encompass workflow, API, business intelligence, cloud services, and forms management.

For example, here's a sampling of compatible applications that HelloSign has:

That is by no means a complete list.

With these integrations, you can securely sign, send or store eSign documents between applications with either your eSignature provider acting as a conduit or a connector service such as Zapier doing the heaving lifting.

HelloSign Has It All

Certainly, all of that functionally sounds great, but is there a provider that can deliver a genuine document utopia, complete with all of the above features?

Absolutely. Say hello to HelloSign.

With the HelloSign platform, you get a lot more than just a few features to improve your eSignature workflow. You gain a partner who understands the importance of document handling to your business.

In addition to everything outlined above, HelloSign has a robust security program to ensure that when sending your documents the information remains secure and private at every point during the signature process. This diligence in security also extends to their storage capacities, with servers hosted under the protection of Tier III, SSAE-16 data centers.

Of course, sometimes questions need answers, and HelloSign doesn’t shy away from supporting you and your team when you sign on to become a part of theirs.

Our customer experience includes a number of helpful outlets – from recurring educational webinars to an extensive knowledge center to online resource library –  so you can ask questions, get answers, solve problems or just learn more about everything our eSignature platform has to offer.

Sound good? We hope so!

And to make sure you're making the most of eSignature technology here are some resources to help you learn more or get started with HelloSign:

Happy signing!

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